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Paperback 8 X 10
ISBN # 978 1507864135
Fiona's Wings
Mr. Pembry's Tales Volume 1
Juvenile Fiction
Cover art by Tara McGhee
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Juvenile Fiction
Early Chapter Books
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Early Chapter Book for 6 to 9 year olds

R.M. Putnam*s study into mythology and folklore in combination with her
experience as a Kindergarten and Preschool teacher inspired her to create
stories about Fiona the Fairy and her people. Liking the idea of an old
grandfather figure, R.M. Putnam created Mr. Pembry a gentle soul that loves
to tell stories to the children.

Mr. Pembry tells the tale about Dingleman MacFierce kidnapping the bees. A
tale about a few selfish people that have an empty disregard for the
well-being of the community. The populace unites to find the precious bees
that are so vital to life.
A delightful story to open discussion for children about proper manners,
consideration and respect for people no matter their appearance or

* The lesson to learn is that it is better to make friends instead of enemies.
Being a trustworthy person that contributes to the community will give you
respect and a sense of self worth that Dingleman MacFierce wants. His
handicaps made him an outcast by the insensitive people of the community.
He grew to be bitter and decided to steal the respect that he longed to
R.M. Putnam

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Paperback 8X10
ISBN# 978 1514629536

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A lighthearted look at the world of Dinosaurs beautifully illustrated to delight the
heart of children of all ages. Raptors, Antarctic Dinosaurs to Argentinean
dinosaurs, parents will enjoy sharing this delightful book with their children.

Michael W. Valadez a Dinosaur enthusiast since Kindergarten has enjoyed the
study of Paleontology having learned the difficult names when he was only five
years old. His interests in nature both prehistoric and present day guide him in
his illustrations and storytelling.

Fully illustrated 8 X 10
26 pages
ISBN # 9781453789827
Retails for $9.99 on Amazon, Barnes &Noble,
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