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Destiny's Warrior's Website

Based on a Fantasy Series
about ancient Irish people.
Ancient Celtic  History and Mythology are the threads I used for
weaving this Fantasy story. A mix of fantasy, horror, mystery, adventure and
romance for your reading pleasure.

This is not a religious site nor are we encouraging any kind of worship
of any kind of religion.  Destiny's Warriors is a FICTIONAL tale.

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Book #1 The Beginning
Book #2 The Last Sacrifice
Book #3 Pure Evil
R.M. Putnam Author
Michael W. Valadez Illustrator/author

We are happy to make arrangements for a book signing.
At every book signing for The Destiny's Warriors Series we include a raffle
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Free Book marker with each purchase.

At a book signing for The Path to Darkness, we include a
raffle for the 4 volume set, signed by author.
Free Book marker with each purchase of
The Path to Darkness Thirteen Tales of the Macabre.

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